Janice Hurlburt Certified Acuity Scheduling Expert

Janice Hurlburt, Acuity Certified Expert (ACE)

Build Your Online Visibility and Save Time With Acuity


Grow your business online with all the bells and whistles coaches and
small business owners are looking for!

What sets Acuity apart from other scheduling programs?

  • More features than you can imagine, and it integrates with all your favorite tools!
  • No more time zone scheduling confusion.
  • Clients can reschedule or cancel their own appointments – this means fewer no shows.
  • Takes payments before or after your appointments.
  • Manages scheduling for your online coaching programs, classes or retreats.
  • Sells products by using add-on feature.
  • Automatically add your unique Zoom link to reminder emails.
  • Offers gift certificates or coupons during the holidays.
  • Shares your booking link on Instagram, Facebook, email signature line and LinkedIn.

Understanding the various levels of Acuity and
working with an Acuity
Certified Expert
will improve and build your online visibility.

Acuity Scheduling is more than just booking appointments!
It's THE tool to use for saving precious time


Recent Testimonials

Working with an Acuity Certified Expect
saved me a ton of time!

"Janice was amazing! She helped me get right to the key elements in Acuity that made it work perfectly for my varying appointment needs. The forms we built are providing excellent feedback and clarity for all my appointments. No hassle, fun, and easy. I highly recommend that if you want to streamline your flow for appointments, you reach out to Janice to help you and your team get started. Believe me, you'll save a ton of time and money by using Janice to set up everything perfectly the first time."

Lars Gustafsson,
Founder: UEXL.org ~ UEXL Institute
Founder: bodymindinstitute.com ~ BodyMind Institute



Recent Testimonials

My clients love the benefits and how fast their online scheduling system worked!

"We have worked with Janice in various capacities, so when we needed someone to help set up Acuity Scheduling, we knew Janice was that person. Janice took the project and ran with it. She is extremely knowledgeable on all the ins and outs of the software, so we had the utmost confidence that the end result would be exactly what we wanted. Janice saved us hours of time we would have had to dedicate to simply learning the software. She communicated at every step, spent time with our team to coach us on the program when the implementation was complete, and was available for any follow up we required. We are extremely satisfied with Janice's work on this project and Acuity Scheduling has made scheduling appointments with our team simple and straightforward.

Craig and Kelly Cannings
Co-Founders, VAClassroom


If you are interested in using Acuity Scheduling . . . this is for YOU!
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"The benefits of using an Acuity Certified Expert like Janice is having all this set up for you or with you!
Your decision should only be. . . WHEN do we start!"

YES, IClient Connection Toolkit am interested in using an Acuity, as my online scheduling software with my Group Coaching Program! 

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Why use an Acuity Certified Expert? So you can be up and running faster! Focus on your daily relational marketing for new prospects to send your booking link and not the time-consuming technical tasks you may be dreading doing. 


Being prepared with the right mindset. Clients can fill out customized intake form that has you ready and knowing valuable information before the appointment... means your potential client is engaged before you meet and the likelihood of your POTENTIAL clients showing up for their strategy session and becoming your ACTUAL client!

Enrollment to your group coaching program just got easier. No need for a membership website. I will demonstrate in our call a set up of how the process is being used today successfully! 

Set up follow up emails with a free offer or coupon after your discovery session.

Working with clients all over the world, you know scheduling appointments in different time zones can sometimes be an issue, not with Acuity Scheduling no worries of them missing a session with you.  

Automated email reminder system is a PLUS. The more streamlined and clear your client or prospect is before the appointment the more confident your clients will feel. 

Selling your CLASSES and downloadable PRODUCTS Just got EASIER. This feature is a favorite with my clients! With Acuity, you can sell 30, 60, 90 day or longer coaching programs and sell downloadable products that are part of your course.

Master my Schedule

Why Acuity Scheduling!

Acuity is an online scheduling management software that in my opinion, is the perfect "Master of Your Schedule" tool. Using a robust online scheduler helps business owners, coaches, consultants, and other service-based entrepreneurs effectively manage their schedule.
And—it increases the likelihood your POTENTIAL clients will show up for their strategy session and become your ACTUAL clients.

Client Testimonials

Acuity is the Master of My Schedule

Carole Lombard

I worked with Janice using her “Client Connection Toolkit”. I chose her six (6) 1-hour coaching sessions to learn how to do it myself. This allowed me the ability to set-up my website to schedule appointments, provide intake forms, send out payment notices, and take payments through PayPal.

The program also included setting up online ZOOM calls. These backend office needs were of great concern because I had no idea one person could offer all of this. I now have a smooth running end-to-end program that makes it easy for my clients to work with me and vice versa. Keep sharing your “Greatness” Janice, thank you!

Career Counseling Coach, www.RightDirectionCareers.com

Sharron Mackison

"My business had grown but my processes were still manual, inefficient and increasingly time-consuming. I was looking for a way to automate client appointments, and to move from an outdated manual mail list but had no idea where to start, so when I heard about the Client Connection Toolkit, I signed up right away. I talked to Janice about my needs and was so reassured to learn that smart professional solutions could be easier than I thought.

Having someone who’s a real expert, who puts it altogether step by step, has saved me time in setting up. I needed professional solutions for delivering therapy and professional supervision sessions, coaching programs and strategy sessions. The Client Connection Toolkit lets me do that, and automatically takes care of time-zone conversion for client appointment scheduling, secure online meetings, and secure payment. Easy for me, easy for my clients. I love it.

Counsellor, Clinical Hypotherapist, Professional Supervisor, Coach, www.wellspringsclinic.com.au

Paula High-Young

As I was beginning my business, I didn’t have a good way for clients to schedule time with me. Scheduling clients felt amateurish. Coordinating time zones was a nightmare. Then Janice told me about Acuity. There is something almost magical about having the right tools for the job. Within about a week of using it, I began to FEEL more professional. It felt so powerful to finally step confidently into my business.

Now I have an efficient way for clients to schedule with time-zone clarity, and receive e-mail reminders. It syncs with my iCalendar, so I can track my various appointment types. And I “block off” chunks of time for research, client work, or family. Since I can take payments as client schedule, I’ve already more than paid for it. I’m earning more now than before I found Acuity. I love Acuity.

Holistic Wellness Coach, www.HolisticWellnessWriters.com

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In case you haven't heard of Acuity Scheduling, or me, here's the scoop . . .  

I love Acuity -- it's my MASTER OF SCHEDULES. I use Acuity to keep me on track with my daily business operations and coaching appointments. It’s the perfect scheduling business tool for small business owners, coaches, consultants, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. It's my No. 1  recommended tool for my clients. I’ve used many business tools over the years, but as soon as I tried Acuity Scheduling  . . . WOW, what a difference!   

Scheduling that converts

Janice Hurlburt Online Management, Owner
Client Connection Toolkit Coach