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Client Connection Tootkit - Ideal Starter Package

Client Connection Tootkit - Ideal Starter Package

The client connection strategy planning is about understanding and experiencing how a funnel should be planned and built. Step by step coaching through the process of gathering ideas and mapping a plan.

  • A 30 minute introduction, discovery session to evaluate your existing marketing strategies. Do you currently have in place a marketing funnel leading to your services, products or coaching program?
  • One (1) 30 minute call to review options for your group coaching plans, services, packages or products.
  • A 60 Minutes one-on-one strategy session to map out an action plan for your marketing funnel with Acuity Scheduling.
  • Creation of a Client Connection Toolkit workbook you can use. This will include: a step-by-step outline for your marketing funnel with an opt-in landing page, the initial free offer download to email marketing.

Your marketing funnel with a mapped out plan will be available after the 3 Calls are completed. * This does not include implementation or execution of the plans.

Client Connection Tootkit - Scheduling That Converts Package (Done-for-You)

Having in place a turnkey online scheduling program using the same tools that successful entrepreneurs and coaches are using today so you can build your online visibility and grow your success in getting known as a credible expert.

The program includes the following:

  • One 30 minute discovery session reviewing a step-by-step checklist I will need to set up your online scheduling account to being successful.
  • What is your time zone?
  • Calendar integrations are the following calendar Google, iCal or outlook
  • Review your availability for your calendar
    Set up appointment types (3 appointment types)
  • Zoom room link or Zoom ID number (If you want your Zoom automatically integrated with Acuity you will need a Zoom PRO Account ($15/month)
  • Logo, branding colors, (Hex color), business images
  • Set up intake form for your clients to fill out before the appointment.
  • Appointment type, message set up AFTER client schedules an appointment.
  • Initial Confirmation Email
  • Set up two to three reminder emails with a Zoom ID no or mobile phone number at 24, 12 and 6 hours.
  • Provide 3 appointments URL links for your use in Social Media, emails, freebies.

Includes Email support available up to 30 days.

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Client Connection Toolkit: How to create and set up an online scheduling system so potential clients arrive primed to say YES!

A 5 week coaching program will guide you in setting up the foundation for filling your calendar with discovery or strategy session appointments. Learn to use the same tools that successful entrepreneurs and coaches use, so that you increase the profitability of your business and grow your success in getting known as a credible expert.

This program is for you if want to…

  • Create a group coaching online program
  • Build a relationship with your audience so they know, like and trust you
  • Understand how to use an online Scheduling program that will help you get connected to leads.
  • Integrate your email service provider and Acuity to build a list of clients for your programs.
  • Learn how to set up discovery, strategy or coaching sessions that convert.
  • Have a higher success rate of booked appointments.
  • Grow an email list of hot leads

Program includes the following:

  1. One 30 minute Kickoff meeting.
  2. Five weeks of one hour Zoom coaching calls
  3. 15 minute SOS coaching calls during our 5 week coaching program.

Includes weekly (5) one-to-one coaching, workbooks, Reference Sheet, Zoom Recordings, Email support for 60 days.

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