10 Tips You May Not Know
About Acuity Scheduling!

Acuity is a fabulous scheduling tool that helps you manage your daily operations efficiently and stay on course.

I've been working with Acuity for years and have helped set up 400+ customized Acuity Scheduling accounts for clients.

To assist you with your Acuity journey, I've gathered my best tips and guidance for navigating the areas people ask about most so you can!


  • When to use an appointment package

  • How to use subscription plans

  • How to create coupons within Acuity Scheduling

  • What kind of add-ons are available?

  • How to get the reports your accountant will need

Download 10 Acuity Tips You Can USE Today!

“If you talk about it, it’s a dream, if you envision it, it’s possible, but if you schedule it, it’s real.”
~Tony Robbins

Managing your business using Acuity as your online scheduling program
will map out your daily operations efficiently and keep you on course
with managing your time wisely and effectively.

The 10 ready to use Acuity Scheduling tips will save you time
so you can easily navigate your Acuity account successfully!

You'll attain higher success rates of attracting clients and
grow your business with confidence.

Hear what one client has to say...

Janice, you have been a great help for me to get my business online and virtually especially during this pandemic year! I just sent my first Mailchimp newsletter with the Acuity Scheduling link so my customers could sign up for my yoga class on Thursday mornings, and my students are already signing up!

YEA…couldn’t have done it without you!
Thank you so much.

Betsy Murphy MS, RN, HNB-C, C-IAYT

Betsy Murphy
Founder: Integrative Pathways to Healing & Body-Mind RN

I'm ready to talk with an Acuity Certified Expert


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