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Attract Clients on Autopilot to Your Discovery Sessions

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Are you struggling to find clients or getting qualified leads on the phone or Zoom calls?

  • Are you getting the wrong people on the phone or Zoom call with you?
  • Do people not show up for your call?
  • You only get tire kickers to your call?

I understand… This is exactly what was happening to me a few years ago.

Some days I left the call disappointed, not sure what went wrong. Other days was overjoyed with happiness that I addressed their struggle to visualize the process of building their business online.

Having a short video introduction on your landing page will quickly attract their attention and interest. In your video, share a value-based benefit statement so that you can move leads to a consideration stage, which is to book a discovery call with you!

The rainbow is part of nature, and you have to be in the right place to see it! Your services also need to be placed in the correct light so ideal clients can see them.
The magic begins with a stunning branded landing page to shine your expertise.
I discovered the secret to a simple video landing page that attracts the right people to your discovery sessions. That is why I created this “Ideal Clients on Autopilot system."
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Who is this for ...

  • You’re ready to take your business to the next level!
  • You want to sell your service or program directly in a Zoom call.
  • You want to fill your calendar with prospects who are eager to work with you.

What If You Experience . . .

  • Building a relationship with your audience BEFORE your discovery session.
  • Feeling GREAT about your higher success rate of booked appointments.
  • Having qualified prospects who are ready to pay for your services.

Dear coaches, small business owners, service-based practitioners who sell service and programs virtually,

Do you have a product or service that you want to launch and start signing up ideal clients using a simple marketing funnel automation system? 

I am about to tell you a secret on how to fill your calendar with quality prospects looking to sign up for your services or enroll in your program.

You will be amazed how simple this process actually is!

What if you could pre-qualify prospects…. have higher conversions, get them to know and like you before your call?  

What would it be like if you and one potential client were put into your "Ideal Client Automation System" every day? Click on the button below to book a 30 minute free consult call.

Janice's Raving Fans

Jodi Silverman - 2

Jodi Silverman,

Working with Janice is a pleasure.
She takes the time necessary to get to know her clients and exactly what their vision is. I felt heard, understood and because of this there were hardly any edits to my "Ideal Client Automation System" landing pages.
Janice always offers valuable insights into other areas. Such a professional!

James M. Vera

James M. Vera,

Excellent! Janice is beyond what I could ever describe in a review. Attention to detail. She has given me a system that makes the work flow for my business the best it’s ever been. Fantastic coach! Punctual! Sticks to deadlines, patient, explains everything.
Expert for all your online needs! She is an acuity scheduling expert and has fantastic energy and ideas.

Lars Gustafsson,

Lars Gustafsson,

"Janice was amazing! She helped me get right to the key elements in Acuity that made it work perfectly. The intake forms are providing excellent feedback and clarity for all my appointments.
I highly recommend that if you want to streamline and automate your flow for Discovery calls, you reach out to Janice. You'll save a ton of time and money by setting it up perfectly the first time."

Click on the button below to book a 30 minute free consult call.

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