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Are You Leaving Money on the Table

An Actionable Productivity Tip

Lead magnets, opt-ins, freebies; they go by several names but the intent is the same. You try to entice someone in your target market to join your email list. You want to give them the opportunity to get to know, like, and trust you, AND to help those people on your email list with their struggles and challenges.

Recently I asked my business coach for her thoughts on what new resource I could offer you and those not on my email list as a new freebie. She was already familiar with my existing offers, and said that they were too cumbersome. While valuable, she said, they had too much content in them to help people be successful.

I gulped when I heard this.

I had spent so much time on those gifts.

Then she asked me this awesome question: “Janice, in all the work you’ve done with hundreds of entrepreneurs taking their business online, what is the ONE thing that everyone needs to get better at doing?”

My immediate reaction was that people don’t follow up. We don’t follow up with our  warm leads, our former clients, phone calls, and emails. To be honest, I’ve been guilty of this, and so have my clients. In addition to not following up with simple tasks AFTER we have created a new program or webinar, launched it, we then let it drop off our radar because we had no follow-up plan.

The big realization I had is that we’re leaving BIG MONEY on the table.

Leaving Money on the table

And that’s why I created a very simple method you can use to avoid subscribing to a costly CRM program, at least right now, while you’re ramping up. I call it the Raise Your $ails system. And you can learn about it in this very consumable freebie (my coach will be proud!)—Raise Your $ails, a DIY Method to Increase Your Sales.

Raise Your $ails, a DIY Method to Increase Your Sales  

There you have it. Now you might be thinking, this method won’t work for you because you want it electronic based, your calendar, or you rather use a spreadsheet. You may certainly re-engineer the method to fit your style. The key elements to keep in mind are:

  1. Keep it simple. If it is not something that is easy to follow and you commit to doing everyday, there is no point.
  2. Don’t buy some new-fangled app. I can guarantee if you don’t tie it into something you are already doing, it will fail. Again. Trust me, I’ve tried.
  3. Start now. Stop leaving money on the table by pulling up the anchor that is dragging you down and take the first step.



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