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Does Your Online Scheduler Do This?

An Actionable Productivity Tip

Today I want to talk about my favorite program—it helps my business run more efficiently AND has helped me get a lot more clients! 

That program is Acuity Online Scheduling.

By using Acuity Online Scheduling, everything is taken care of for me. 

All You Have to do is Show Up 

Acuity puts appointments directly on your calendar and then sends you (and your clients) reminders when those appointments are approaching. The integration with Google means that you can get desktop and phone reminders—sounds and/or pop-ups—reminding you that you have an appointment in 30 minutes (or time you choose), giving you enough time to clear the deck and put on your game face!

When someone books a specific type of appointment with you, you can also have Acuity give them a built-in questionnaire, right during the booking process. Their responses show up in Acuity, in your email, and right within Google calendar so you can see what the call is about when you get that 30-minute pre-call notification. 

When you get on the phone or your Zoom call, you’re ready to serve!

What’s that? Do You Hear the CaChing of Money Going into Your Account?

Did you know that Acuity can process payments while a client is booking their appointment? It’s a seamless operation. You no longer have to send an invoice because you can get paid in full before you start the appointment!  You’re paid your value ahead of time. Too many business owners bill after the fact, sometimes waiting 30-60 days for payment. 

No more! Set Sale … I mean … Set $ail!

One Simple Step to Send out Post-Appointment Follow-up Emails

For each of your appointment types, you can have Acuity automatically send a follow-up email. (You can send six follow-up emails with the next level up.) Depending on what type of appointment it is, you can send them a digital download that makes you look more professional (and valuable!) in their eyes. You can also ask for an evaluation of their experience or remind them of their next step – anything you want to help them succeed and keep them as a client!

This is only the tip of the iceberg of what Acuity Online Scheduling  can do for your business and your life! 

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