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5 Ways to Consistently and Creatively Share Your Freebie

Want to grow your email list and boost engagement with a simple strategy? Share your freebie consistently and creatively.

Simply mentioning your freebie once a week won’t cut it. To maximize your freebie’s impact, make it front and center, repeating it in various ways throughout the week. Remember, folks, repetition and diversification are key to promoting your freebie effectively. By repeating your offer in various formats and through multiple channels, you cater to a broader audience and increase the chances of capturing their attention.


Because different people prefer different types of content, some individuals may be more receptive to watching videos, while others prefer reading blog posts or engaging with you in live sessions. By diversifying your sharing methods, you ensure that your freebie resonates with diverse individuals and increases the chance of attracting new subscribers.


Your freebie needs to provide value to your target audience. When you share it, be sure to prove the value it offers. Talk about how it solves viewers’ problems or is a solution to their immediate needs.


You’ll effectively grow your email list and build a community of engaged subscribers through videos, stories, posts, live sessions, and pinning your offer to the top of your Facebook, IG, or LinkedIn pages.
Don’t hold back—speak confidently about your lead magnet (freebie) and seize every opportunity to share its value.

If you want to book a call to review your proposed freebie or strategize on the best one. I am here for you. Send me a DM.

Here’s a tip from me to you: don’t be afraid to promote your freebie and get it out there and be seen. People buy from people, not brands. So, let them see you behind the business.

Be genuine, use your voice, and share your experiences and stories. Two years ago, I started sharing my sailing stories and the lessons that I learned that have made me who I am today. People love it!

Not a waste of time

You know how business owners often say, “Social media is a waste of time. I never see any results in sales?”
The problem is not social media. If you consistently commit to posting your freebie, talk about the value you provide, and stay in front of your audience, you WILL see positive results in your sales.

Here are 5 creative ways to promote your freebies:

1). Videos:

Take advantage of the power of video content. For example, if your freebie is a guide on creating yummy meals from leftovers, you could film a video sharing your next-day meal ideas. Throughout the video, emphasize the value of your savings with leftovers and encourage viewers to download your freebie for more recipes.

Invite your listeners to download your freebie by going to Your URL link needs to be simple for them to remember.

2). Stories:

Utilize the story feature on platforms like Instagram and Facebook to share snippets about your lead magnet. Craft short and exciting stories highlighting your freebie’s benefits and key takeaways.

3). Story-based blog posts:

If your freebie is a time management checklist, you could write a blog about how implementing time management techniques will increase productivity and decrease stress. Include the URL link to your opt-in landing page and encourage your audience to download the freebie.

4). Live video discussing the benefits of your freebie:

Why not go live on your favorite social media platform several times a month and chat about why you think it will help them by sharing real-life examples, success stories, or testimonials from people who have already benefited from your freebie? It’s a great way to connect with your audience and answer their questions in real time.

5). Pin your offer on social media:

Take advantage of the pinning feature on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to ensure your request is displayed at the top of your profile or page. Pin a blog post highlighting your freebie with a clear call to action for users to download. This way, anyone visiting your profile or page will immediately see your offer, increasing the chances of conversions.

Get on your soapbox—speak confidently about your lead magnet (freebie) and seize the opportunity to share its value. So, don’t limit yourself to only one kind of sharing; embrace the opportunities presented by creatively sharing, and watch as your email list expands and prospers.

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