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One Conversation away from the best client

One Positive Conversation at a Time

Are you consistently working hard to market your business without attracting new clients?

Let me tell you about Wendy. Yes, a real person and client!

Wendy is in the same boat, diligently posting content daily, hoping to attract clients. While she did get some engagement, she didn’t see any new clients come her way.

Upon reviewing her activities, the one thing missing was having meaningful conversations with prospects.

Wendy’s reason? “I don’t have that kind of time.”

I asked her, “Can you do this? Can you start with one conversation each day?”

Here’s what Wendy decided to do, and the results are remarkable:

(1) First, she repositioned herself as the go-to expert for a specific type of client.

(2) Second, she took an unconventional step and compiled a list of reasons her ideal clients would not hire her. It might seem strange initially, but it gave her valuable insights into her target audience and how to address their concerns.

(3) Third, alongside her regular posting routine, Wendy started reaching out to at least one person a day by going to her previous social media post and looking to see who gave her a thumbs up or if she engaged with people on other people’s posts in a related niche. (See screenshot below)

This personalized approach allowed her to establish meaningful connections and initiate conversations.

And guess what? Out of the four people she had spoken with, one person said “yes!” to working with her.

Here are a few more things Wendy did before engaging in conversations. 

(1) Otimizes her profile: Make sure your bio positions you as a high-status expert specializing in solving a specific problem for a particular audience. Include three vital elements in your bio: showcase your credibility, highlight who and how you help, and add a compelling call to action.

(2) Optimizes her posts: Instead of focusing on selling, Wendy shows her stuff by demonstrating her competence, approachability, and prompt engagement. She shares case study examples and encourages people to send you a direct message to learn more. You’ll know it’s working when people ask, “How would that work in my situation?” 

(3) Optimizes for relevance: instead of sending generic copy-paste messages and using “email-like” direct messages, Wendy did her homework and reviewed their profile before conversing with them. Additionally, she experimented with sending short voicemails and videos instead of text messages. This proved a powerful way to make that personal connection instead of spammy. 

So, let’s start those conversations and see the magic happen!

You are one conversation away.


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