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When learning how to effectively talk about your offer within a video, it’s crucial to focus not on the “how” but on the “why” your audience should want what you’re offering. Why it can solve their problems, make their lives better, or help them achieve their goals

This is not a real product or guide.

My husband has what I consider a unique gift. He can whip up delicious meals from leftovers. You heard me right. No recipe, no shopping. An entire meal from leftovers!

Ever the entrepreneur, I suggested he start a YouTube channel. 

Here’s the Video Script I came up with. You can use the framework to write your own script to market a free lead magnet. 

Welcome to a delightful cooking adventure in which no morsel is wasted!

Cooking with Leftovers, Chef is doing a demo includes video script

Have you ever found yourself gazing at leftovers in the fridge and wondering what to do with them?

“You’re in the right place. My name is Paul, and in this video, I will answer the three most asked questions about how to stop letting food go to waste and transform leftovers into delicious meals.

“But there’s more. I also have a free download gift for you: a guide to reusing leftovers, complete with recipes, tactics, and advice. 

“Now, let’s return to answering the top 3 questions I often receive about creating delicious leftover dinners.

Question 1: How do you make leftovers taste as good as freshly cooked meals?

This is a common concern among many home cooks. Proper storage and reheating techniques lie in making leftovers taste just as delicious as freshly cooked meals. My guide will cover the best practices for freezing, storing and reheating different leftovers, from soups and stews to roasted meats and vegetables.

Here’s one takeaway tip you can use today.
When reheating your leftovers, do it slowly and gently. Rapid reheating can dry out your food, while slow reheating retains moisture and preserves the flavor. If you’re using a microwave, consider adding a splash of water, broth or sauce to help keep your food moist.

Question 2: How can I effectively plan for leftovers during meal preparation?

Planning is crucial for making the most out of your leftovers. My guide outlines smart strategies for incorporating leftovers into your meal planning. I’ll share tips on portioning meals, utilizing versatile ingredients, and repurposing specific dish components for future creations. With these strategies, you’ll reduce food waste and save money, time and effort in the kitchen.

Here’s an invaluable takeaway tip you can use today for planning with leftovers in mind:
Consider creating “building block” meals. These are dishes where the main components can be easily repurposed into different meals throughout the week. For example, a roast chicken can transform into a chicken salad sandwich, a chicken pasta bake, or a hearty chicken soup. This approach maximizes your leftovers and adds variety to your weekly meal plan, preventing leftover fatigue. Just think of each meal as a delicious opportunity for the next!

Question 3: What are some creative ideas for using leftovers?

You don’t have to have boring or repeated leftovers. They can be made into inventive and delicious recipes. We enjoyed a sizable pork loin roast last Monday as one such instance.

Another takeaway tip you can use today.

The roast was diced into 1/4-inch pieces and used for another meal we enjoyed the following day.
I whipped together a very filling salad using pork with fresh onions, celery, and carrots.

On Wednesday, the same savory mixture will be used to make crispy, golden Egg Rolls. Herein lies the wonder of leftovers: each meal offers the opportunity to create something deliciously original.

In my guide, I’ve curated a collection of creative recipes that breathe new life into leftovers. Whether you have leftover chicken, pasta, or vegetables, you’ll discover innovative ways to transform them into mouthwatering meals.

Remember, to receive this valuable resource, simply send me a direct message and leave your email address, and I will send you my free guide, “Creative Delicious Meals: Mastering the Art of Leftovers” Take advantage of this opportunity to elevate your culinary skills and reduce food waste.
[End of Video Script]

In addition to videos and live sessions, I recommend sharing stories and writing posts related to your freebie. Integrating personal anecdotes and experiences, you’ll engage your audience and create a deeper connection.

Use social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to pin your offer under your profile, create eye-catching posts, and utilize 3 or fewer hashtags to reach a wider audience.

Remember, mentioning your lead magnet multiple times in various weekly formats is crucial for growing your email list and attracting clients to buy your products.


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