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The Four P’s: Basic Strategies for Building Online Business Success

Are you at the stage where you are looking to jump-start or elevate your established online presence?  

Let’s dive into four fundamental strategies to streamline your marketing messages and help your business to greater online visibility.

Put this in place and you’ll be like a shooting star on a night at sea. It will become second nature for you to guide your marketing efforts with each strategy you add to your marketing navigational charts.

These four pillars can help you make better marketing choices, develop your brand’s personality, and ensure your target audience understands your communications.

Pillar 1 ‘Pressing’

Your offering must address a problem, query, or obstacle your clients face. This problem must be
pressing – a problem that calls for an immediate resolution!

What pressing, urgent problem do you solve?

Using one example as an online visibility strategist, the most crucial issue for my clients is improving their online presence.

This issue is as critical as being lost in the sea of online competition. It affects my client’s ability to attract clients, thus limiting their earnings. I provide solutions, such as the marketing checklist at the bottom of this newsletter, that help my clients become more visible on the internet and make them stand out in a way that attracts their target audience.

Solving a pressing problem is the secret to expanding your clientele!

The second pillar, ‘Peculiar’

Your solution must be unique and well, odd, different, even surprising. Your prospective clients vocalize their needs constantly.

They’re expressing their passions and apprehensions on social media platforms.

Listen to your competitors’ solutions, and identify the gaps. Where does the service falter? Where does personalization need to be included? This points you to your peculiar solution to your clients’ pressing problem!

Looking for the gaps in my competitors’ products led me to my newest program, the Strategic Marketing Accelerator Group. By utilizing my marketing checklist and add it to a small group accountability program, you have a unique solution working for these entrepreneurs.

Last week, one of the Accelerator Group members shared her WIN!

“She shared, “From these calls, I started putting photos with my social media posts instead of using my carefully crafted Canva images in two languages. I have been using selfie-related pictures to what I’m talking about, which is increasing my engagement. My stats are showing continuous engagement. More people are seeing my post!”

If a specific solution typically takes too long, devise one that delivers quicker and more efficiently. Create a peculiar solution, and clients will be clamoring for your services!

One more thing I like to add is to share your success stories: To demonstrate the practicality of their solutions, clients should actively share success stories and customer testimonials. This can be done through blog posts, case studies, social media updates, or marketing materials. This validates their offering and builds trust and credibility with your prospects.

On to the third pillar of my strategy, ‘Practical’

If you can convince me that your peculiar solution to my pressing problem is practical, I’ll opt for your services without a second thought.

So, how does one demonstrate practicality?

One word – anecdotes. The age-old adage “Facts state, anecdotes resonate” is more relevant today than ever!

Narrate how you’ve aided others. Showcase their successes. Highlight their successes.

Lastly, the fourth pillar in this strategy is ‘Precise.’

It’s the deciding moment for your strategy – it either succeeds or fails. Those who excel, gather a large client base and maintain loyal followers achieve this by being precise. This precision is key to growing your business smoothly.

An example of a precise strategy would be sending out a themed weekly newsletter on the same day every week. In that case, you create a sense of anticipation and expectation among your subscribers. They will look forward to receiving your content, leading to higher open rates, click-through rates, and overall engagement with your emails.

That is being precise.

Doing a once-a-week newsletter on no set day is not precise.

Here are the benefits of sending a once-a-week-themed newsletter.

  • Increase Engagement
  • Brand Recognition
  • Building Trust and Credibility
  • Improved Customer Retention
  • Establishing Authority
  • Targeted Messaging
  • Relationship Building

If you utilize this framework as a compass, you will see a significant uplift in your results than what you’re currently experiencing.

This strategy helps you stand out, advance, and make your field memorable. You become “the one” in your niche because they want YOU. With your services, you set a new standard and become a trailblazer … even if others have been doing it for years, you do it in a way that makes you unique.

Remember, while consistency is important, it’s equally crucial to deliver high-quality content that is valuable to your audience. Combining a consistent schedule with engaging and relevant content can maximize the benefits of a themed weekly newsletter.


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