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Casting your Jingles out to the world
Holiday Romance Comes to Mind

Recently, I found myself thinking about the upcoming holidays and reminiscing about some of the past year’s events. One of my memories from last year was a Zale commercial that used a jingle to perfectly sum up all the romantic and loving feelings we are full of during the holidays.

With a melody and lyrics written for hopeless romantics, the song is matched by Zales taglines pointing out how their gifts make an unforgettable evening for the one you love. The crisp winter weather matches all of the warmth and coziness. Can they match this in 2013?

When we first heard this commercial on TV last Christmas, my husband wanted to know who wrote the jingle. He looked online, discovering it was called “If It Wasn’t For You” and written by Various Cruelties. Various Cruelties played at the Coachella Fest a few years ago, but they received much more attention when their song was featured in this commercial. Their self-titled album entered the Top 100 on the U.S. iTunes chart.

Perhaps you didn’t like how catchy the jingle became. Some people groaned on YouTube about how sick they were, having the song stuck in their heads for hours. And, yet, how perfect is that, really?

It’s a catchy song that immediately sums up memories of the commercial and permanently implants “Zales” in your mind. Even if you hear this song while walking through a store or listening to the radio, the unforgettable Zales jewelry store is the first thing you will think of when the chorus plays.

Janice Hurlburt Online Management helps your company create a lasting impression. We can help you achieve that unforgettable status by using catchy jingles that call your business to mind, even out of context.

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