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It’s All About Building Strong Relationships in 2023

NOW is the time to thank those who help make your business great!

It’s all about relationships. Your business that is. 

There are three trends that business experts are currently preaching about; building relationships, leaving an audio message instead of text messages, and using videos to promote your business. 

I’ll talk about video in the coming weeks, but since the holiday season is upon us, it’s time to reach out to those who help make our business extraordinary. 

Let’s look at three ways you can do this. 

1). The Standard Annual Thank You

Send thank you greetings via text, email, or snail mail. 

2). The Surprising Greeting

Reply to greetings you receive that are from people whom you appreciate. 

3). Remove the Focus from Yourself

A newer idea that came across my email this week is to share something about someone great other than yourself. 

Shared by Josh Spector (link) from Maria.

The Standard Annual Thank You

This thank you does not need to be extended. As everyone is getting tied up in the coming holidays, time is short. Keeping your message short but heartfelt will mean it’s read and appreciated. 

Here is a great example I received before Thanksgiving:

*Hello Pantry Stockers,

As we head into the Thanksgiving season, I want to pause and let you know how thankful I am for all of you. Thank you for being part of my community! It means a lot to me to see that I’m not alone in all the craziness of our times.

The good news is, neither are you! As one of my email subscribers, you have a connection with me that my blog visitors that aren’t part of my list don’t.

I want you to know that as much as I’m able, I’m here for you and never want you to feel alone. Feel free to reply to this email and let me know how you’re doing and what you are thankful for this season.

Be sure to read to the end of this newsletter, where I share my thoughts on making the most of your prepping limitations.

With love and thankfulness,


*Rebecca has a useful website,  Stocking My Pantry that helps people, especially those living in small spaces, to learn how to prepare for food shortages for any reason. Check out her website to learn more.  

The Surprising 

You know all the new year greetings you receive? For each one that comes from someone who positively affects your life, with an email address in the FROM, reply to them and wish them, their family, and their team – the right people, a wonderful New Year’s! Say something short about how they positively influence your life. 

A response only takes a moment of your time and can be done in 5 minutes segments all month long. Even if they don’t write you back, they will smile when they see their efforts are not going into the dark corners of the world. 

Remove the Focus from Yourself

I can’t take credit for this tip. I read Josh Spector’s newsletter, “For The Interested.”

His daily graphs are quick tips or shares of things relative to creatives in business. This was today’s email:

Simple, right?

Even though the first two tips above are not from me (Tip #1, The standard annual thank you, Tip #2, The surprise greeting), they’re just, well, tips. Good ones, no less, but tips. 

The one Josh shared above (Tip #3 Remove the focus from yourself) is a way of bringing recognition to someone else. 

I’m a firm believer that what goes around comes around. So not only are you creating good karma, but people will come to respect you because you don’t make it all about yourself. They will see you as someone who shares essential, inspiring, or even playful nuggets that positively affect your day.

To see the full, albeit short, article, click here. 

Here’s a snippet from the short article. 

As an experiment, for one continuous month, make the focus on one in every three
things you share on social media — wherever you normally share, however regularly
or irregularly you do, however many people you reach — something other
then yourself or your own work:  ? Read the rest of the article ?

Each of these suggestions is simple enough to put into action this month. You won’t see results in your business immediately. But when you’re not looking, something will come from your consistent contacts. A referral, a sale, a deeper relationship with a strategic partner or influencer. 

It’s all about building relationships—a necessity in your business and life. 


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