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Strategies for reusing your old blogs

It’s amazing how a single blog post can accomplish so much over time. As I researched my Google Analytics, I realized that a blog I wrote a decade ago still attracted significant traffic.

It’s remarkable how the power of a jingle in 1926 launched Wheaties (YouTube Video is no longer available) into nationwide recognition and success. Fast-forward to today’s marketing landscape, and we’re witnessing a similar trend, yet with a modern twist: videos, reels, and stories infused with music. The truth is that we need this type of media to engage with our audience, tapping into today’s short attention spans and desire for visually stimulating content.

As I revisited my old post, which explored the fascinating history of commercial jingles, it got me thinking. How can I breathe new life into this timeless content and connect it with contemporary marketing strategies in 2024?

When deciding whether to update an existing blog or create a new one with expanded content, there are several factors to consider for where to spend your time and energy:

SEO Impact: Updating an existing blog can positively affect SEO, as search engines favor fresh content. However, if the original blog is already performing well and ranking high in search results, you risk losing that ranking if significant changes are made. 

On the other hand, creating a new blog allows you to target additional keywords and potentially attract a broader audience.

User Experience: Consider the user experience and engagement level. If the existing blog has already garnered a loyal readership and engagement, updating it with new information can keep visitors returning for more. 

However, creating a new blog with a fresh outlook and up-to-date information or thoughts might be more appealing and attract new subscribers.

Link Equity: If the existing blog has accumulated backlinks over the years, updating it can help preserve link equity and maintain its authority. 

You might get a two-for-one impact by creating a new blog and strategically linking back to the original one. This can also help distribute link equity and boost both pages’ SEO performance.

Content Expansion: If you choose to create a new blog, ensure that additional information adds value and relevance to the topic. For example, I want to incorporate insights about current marketing trends like video formats, reels, and stories into my original blog posts to ensure the content appeals to readers interested in current marketing strategies.

Both options can be effective if you want people to subscribe to your newsletter.

Updating the existing blog maintains continuity for existing readers, while creating a new blog can attract new subscribers with fresh insights. Ultimately, the best approach depends on your objectives, existing audience, and SEO strategy.


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