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Is your marketing strategy working? 

For years, I’ve offered free discovery calls twice daily, Monday through Friday for potential prospects. My business has grown on a solid word-of-mouth foundation, attending networking events, joining multiple mastermind groups and building relationships on social media. Over the years, these three marketing strategies looked great.

Last year, I created 3 beautifully designed opt-in landing pages (Lead Generation Techniques) with valuable downloads. I included the URL links to my opt-in landing page with posts on social media and blogs. I also participated in a gift giveaway event to attract interested prospects to download my free gift in exchange for their name and email address.

Additionally, in April 2022, I signed up and participated in a 30-day LinkedIn sprint with Tom Kuegler that helped expand my reach on LinkedIn, posting call-to-action in my posts. I had 10 opt-ins within two hours of posting the link on Facebook and LinkedIn. 

That’s when I knew my freebie “Your Best Freebie Idea” was what my audience wanted.

The above strategies seem to no longer be enough.

Even though the freebie was popular, it did not lead to additional sales of marketing funnels. I quickly realized coaches and consultants didn’t need someone to build a fancy marketing funnel when there are tools available today that are good enough for them to do it themselves. 

More and more, professionals are marketing online and hitting inboxes and social media channels at incredible rates. You’ve seen it. It’s hard to fathom how to be seen when we blend in with all the content and ads in the feeds. So, how do we make a difference?

Return to Direct Marketing. Think back to 2008, which is making a comeback.

Direct marketing methods, such as direct mail, can experience a resurgence, especially when digital channels become oversaturated.

Yes, you heard me right. Direct as in Snail Mail!

Well-designed and targeted direct mail can stand out in an era where digital inboxes are cluttered, but our home or business mailbox is not.

Personalized outreach, instead of mass broadcasting, can also be more effective. This includes personalized emails, tailored offers, or even direct outreach on professional networks like LinkedIn or in-person networking events.

Niche Platforms:

While giants like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn might still be relevant, niche platforms  (Github, Houzz, Goodreads, Google My Business) catering to specific interests or demographics can be more effective in reaching a targeted audience. For example, platforms catering to professionals in specific industries, hobbyists, or local communities.

Community Building:

Building and engaging with communities around your brand can be a powerful strategy. While platforms may shift, the essence remains: creating spaces where your audience can interact, ask questions, and share experiences. This could be on newer platforms, forums, or even self-hosted community platforms.

Educational Content:

Webinars, online workshops, and courses have steadily increased in popularity. Offering these can not only showcase your expertise but also attract potential clients looking for solutions.


Brands that can effectively tell their story, share their values, and humanize their business tend to create deeper connections. This can be achieved through videos, podcasts, or even serialized blog content.

Affiliate and Partnership Marketing:

Collaborating with non-competitive businesses with a similar target audience helps reach a broader audience. Creating bundled offers, guest posting, or running joint campaigns can be fruitful.

Localized Marketing:

Focusing on local SEO, geotargeted ads, and community events can be effective, especially for businesses that offer local services or products.

In conclusion, it’s essential to remain adaptive and continuously test and refine your strategies based on current market dynamics. Consider surveying your current audience to understand their preferences, pain points, and how you can best provide value to them.


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